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Friedrich Schiller

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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

to date

I just got back from work and the post office to send out 2 cards, one for the customer herself, the other one directly to the recipient himself.

And today, wanted to show you a card I made last week, and the other just finished yesterday. Haha

One small sweet card requested by one of my customer, for Mother's Day. She messaged me on facebook since early March if I'm not mistaken. She asked me to make a remake of one of my previous card. And yeahh it was so hard to copy the same design I made months ago. I hope she will like it even if it's not alike. Haha

Ok, the other card is for their 3rd anniversary. She at first requested pink and purple for the color then change for red and white *I asked her permission to add black into the theme :P* with the same design I previously made on a size of A4 card.

Hope both of them will love the cards I made for them. God bless you!! :D

p/s: I am so naive that a friend has said this to my face, "Dont trust anyone after this!" Hahahaha

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