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Friday, March 11, 2011

hectic week!

I was so busy finishing 2 cards this whole week and needed to complete them by Thursday so I could bring them for a photoshoot.

Still haven't receive the pictures yet from Mr. Photographer. Hmmmpphh

And I was dying to upload below pictures :-

My first milk carton box. Wahh so cute :P
I used a template I found in the internet.
It's for the flower pot I made 
since the flower pot cannot fit into the ikea jar :(

Since I love the flower pot so much, I'm planning on making
Mr. ZF one. But only managed to make the pot. I was so busy!

Currently working on this one.

I love this!!

This is the card I made for my friend 
for her sister's wedding :D

Sorry, will upload the pictures once 
pictures received from Mr. Photographer :D

I wanted to start on the next order this weekend. But I am exhausted right now. I also have plans for tomorrow.

Maybe I will be free on Sunday?


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