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Friedrich Schiller

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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

White Cup doodle?

I was amused by all #whitecupcontest submission for Starbucks. They all are amazing! Super amazing which we will never thought of drawing things like girrafe or a bear on a cup!

And here I am just thinking about a stupid design using artline gold and black marker.

But I'm definitely proud of it! Hahaha

I love how it turns out. I thought it would look trashy. Instead, there you go. Hahaha

I was purposely ordered a hot latte to get this white cup and I washed it after finish the drink. Hah. So stupid that I think I can just asked from the barista for an extra cup! Can I do that?

So far, after browsing all the pictures on Instagram, I havent found anyone's design closer to mine. I was impressed that nobody thought about it. Yeap, definitely since I was the only one who can draw like a 6 year old. Hahahaha

Anyway, I was happy drawing on the white cup. I will get more white cups and practice on my drawing, eh?

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Washi tape monogram

There is this washi tape seller who keep on posting washi tape ideas on instagram and it keeps crawling under my skin that I need to do it then. Gahhh.

So I bought two new washi tape at Tropicana City Mall. And they are the cheapest I can find so far, at only RM5.90 each.

I had this washi tapes collection which is not that many but if I didnt use them, they keep on increasing and they will take up a lot of space to store. Hmmmm....

Anyway, since I love the idea of decorating wooden letters with washi tape so I would love to make my own.

Easiest thing to do so far. And automatically I made the symbol look much cuter. Eh? I love it! 

It defines me. Ehem. Hahahaha

I really, really can't wait to get my hands on to decorate more in the house using washi tape.

What can I washi-fy next?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

DIY Pin Cushion

Every tailor needs a pin cushion. Ehem. And I'm about to become one so of course I need one. 

I went to Typo the other day and saw a sewing kit in a mason jar with a pin cushion on it. So cute I might end up buying it. But anyway, I already had whatever basic sewing needs why do I need another one?

So I googled for DIY pin cushion and found those cute ones.

And mine not even close. Hahahaha

So not cute but as long as it serve its purpose, whatever. Hahahaha

And those lovely pins are from Typo.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The making of my own baju kurung

As a typical Malay girl, I wear baju kurung as office attire on my lazy days. Seems like everyday is a lazy day, its like a uniform for my daily attire.

Baju kurung is a one suit, a knee length dress paired up with a maxi skirt. Its a traditional attire for Malays.

Since the wages for tailormade baju kurung keep on increasing, I decided to take a basic sewing class to make a princess cut dress. Oh well, I dont fancy wearing dresses so I went a little crazy on my last trip to Jakarta, I bought more than enough fabric for baju kurung.

So for a beginner like me, I'm no expert in drawing a template for the baju kurung. I found myself too lazy to get the measurement correct and to draw, even though I sometimes love to draw. Funny huh?

So I let myself cheap, I bought a modern baju kurung template from the teacher of the sewing class.

I just cut a piece of fabric as my first handmade baju kurung.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cheapest gift tag

When it comes to organizing medium size party that involve around 10 people, for the not so rich people like me, I wanted all things cheap. Or I dont even have to pay anything. Okay, I LIKE THAT ALOT.

I wanted a gift tag with everybody's name on it. And I wanted a gift tag that people can keep as a memoir and they can use it as decor to their workspace or whatever. Its not something uncool that you dont feel anything when you wanted to trash it. Uh-uh.

I made the gift tags from a box. So I cut it into small tags. And give them a facelift! And ohh how I love that heart shape puncher hehe the heart size is perfect for this!

And I printed some words that I wanted on the tags. So its a gathering party, yeah, LETS PARTAYY!!! Initially, I intended to use my alphabet stamps, whic unfortunately I cannot find my stamp pad. Damn. So bye bye stampies. Gahh. So I think afrer this I should go buy a stamp pad.

There there. I love it!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Party people

We are planning for a party this weekend with some friends so I volunteered myself to make a cake topper and doorgift.

I made some confetti for the doorgift and my hands hurt for 2 days! And I only have a heart shape puncher so.. So yeah.

I made a cake topper from the leftover paper I used for the confetti. So colorful and cute right?

I also prepared some garlands for the backdrop for taking pictures. Hehe. I just thought it would be fun. 

Looking forward to this weekend!