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Monday, April 4, 2011

going retro

I received an order from a friend of friend of mine a frame for 2 4R size pictures. She wanted the frame to be green with a name on it.

Basically, I wish I had more ideas on designing it but yeahh.... it's just me. Hmmm

Anyway, the frame was meant for a guy, so it has to be no flowery, or lovey dovey theme, I just wish I could add some boyish features in it but damn, it was a short call, so I have no time on going details and stuff. So I decided I will design the frame with tight coils of different sizes. Yeah, it was fun though. Even it was taking a lot of time making tight coils.

Wahh so retro!

The design which I think a bit crowded. Hmmmm..

The coils.

Looks flatly boring........

So I shaped the coils like a bowl and 
put glue in them to harden the coils.

Now it looks more lively :D

 I love the color combination and the tight coils. Super cool!! Even the simplest basic round shape coils can be turned into a retro feeling :D

Now I feel jealous of Zaid. Urghh!

Hopefully, they will love this... :)

p/s: it's about time.......

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  1. I liked your idea ,, really creative, and nice colours ^^