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Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding decorations and props

It was nothing. Really. And I only thought about it 2 weeks before my wedding.

My head would seriously explode if I did not make 'em happenned. And the worst part was I happenned to have an idea but what I did was definitely not what I wanted to do in the first place! But I dont mind anyway. As long as I did something that very meaningful to me for my wedding.

And if you did follow my blog back then, I was really into quilling and got super excited to have something quilled for the wedding. Instead I found out I was super busy with works and wedding preparations so I just have to forget about my quilling project.

Despite all of that, my love for paper is really is something. So by the time the countdown ticking at the very last 30-ish day I knew I need to have these as memories to remember for my entire life. Hehe

This is the signage for my solemnization.

The book I ordered from As Simple Rhyme. I call this one Buku Rajin (hardworking book)

This is an A4 sketch book. This is Buku Malas (lazy book)

** book = me hehehehe

Props for the photobooth. A bit small. If I happen to open for orders I might have these bigger. Also I was planning on using this for my outdoor photoshoot.

I dont know what to call this. But this is the only table decor I managed to make. Haha

Love kebab. Also props for the photobooth and outdoor photoshoot. Hehe

I'm loving this one. I intended on making hanging hearts on this frame and turned out I found myself happily made these bunch of pinwheels.

I did make some pinwheels back then for my cake topper. I happened to find out my vendor also decorate for her customers using pinwheels. Pinwheels are super easy. Haha

I will posted out some real photos from my reception real soon once I get them from my photographer.

Hopefully this post giving some ideas for those brides to be :)
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