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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MOOM's completed!

Added up borders for the MOOM card. I'm 100% satisfied with the outcome, but I hate to say this again, I dont fancy the color... is it me or..... doesnt matter lahhh!

I love doing this deco card because I can experiment when customer orders without their own request/ design. So I can be more creative. Sometimes, I do have so many ideas to throw in to, some other days, I might even have zero. But, I never thought I could do this. And I would like to thanks my sister, my younger brother who needed this urgently, and the significant other, for being supportive in what I do.

Although this is my first time doing this type of design, but while doing this, it came just as smoothly as what I had in mind. I didnt hesitate or feeling frustrated over this, I'm just loving the flow... :D

Here's the picture.. using handphone camera hehe

Hmmmppphhhhh. What do you think??

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