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Sunday, June 5, 2011

the wedding guestbook

As promised, i will update for the guestbook first since i didnt get back official pictures from Mr Photographer.

From one black simple scrapbook, with some work of my magic, i successfully turn them into as pictured above.

I am truly believe now I do have magic. Haha.

I stayed all night just to make sure I can rest assured that those books can be finished before the dateline which is on 3rd June. And I made it.

Designs for both books are totally different. I want the first to be an amazement but the second to be a minimalist. But I just love 'em both!

This is my first time doing wedding guestbook, which I really am enjoy doing it. It was fun and satisfying. I like how it turns to be one of the attraction on my friends big day.

More will come soon. I will blog about it later hehehe

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