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Friedrich Schiller

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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Little something during bumpy season?

Memang mood nak crafting out sangat time pregnant ni. Tapi dah hujung-hujung ni pulak lah nak buat macam-macam.

Hari tu abang kawen pastu adik aku pin hiaslah bilik pengantin ambil aku punya cupcake liner flowers letak dekat side table. Tiba-tiba jeles cantik pulak ish tak boleh jadi nak buat untuk diri sendiri. Hohoho.

Pastu teringat dulu ada buat topiary untuk wedding kawan so aku pun fikir nak carik pasu pulak. Malas nak membeli so pakai jelah apa yang ada. Teringat goblet aku beli masa Typo sale satu bijik tiga hengget. Tapi sebab dia kaler hijau susah nak match dengan cupcake liner aku yang dah kena kaler last time, so aku pon pakailah gold marker pen tu buat goblet tu jadi gold. Cantik jugak. Hehe

So aku tinggal beli pin dengan polisterin yang bulat tu je. Memang happy bila dah siap. Sebab cantik kann hahahahaha

Lepas tu, hari ni pergi Aeon Big dekat Wangsa Maju tu nak carik stand fan pasal rumah tak cukup kipas kann. So ended up beli cadar kaler pink hahahaha. Entah kenapa lately semua nak kaler pink, casing phone lah, cable phone lah, ni cadar pon nak pink. Hahaha lantaklah janji husband aku tak cakap apa.

Lepas tu the other day ada Christmas sale dekat Typo aku pergi beli entah hapapa entah. Masa beli bukan main. Bila dah beli tak tahu nak buat apa. Bangang.

Tapi rupanya boleh buat wall decor dekat kepala katil aku yang tak ber-headboard tu. Huhu hahahahaha.

Cantik jugak lima hengget jeww love honeycomb tu. Yang lain aku buat gunting-gunting print tampal pakai washi tape. Huhu. 

Oklah. Mengantuk. Besok nak kerja. Babaizzzzzzzz.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

White Cup doodle?

I was amused by all #whitecupcontest submission for Starbucks. They all are amazing! Super amazing which we will never thought of drawing things like girrafe or a bear on a cup!

And here I am just thinking about a stupid design using artline gold and black marker.

But I'm definitely proud of it! Hahaha

I love how it turns out. I thought it would look trashy. Instead, there you go. Hahaha

I was purposely ordered a hot latte to get this white cup and I washed it after finish the drink. Hah. So stupid that I think I can just asked from the barista for an extra cup! Can I do that?

So far, after browsing all the pictures on Instagram, I havent found anyone's design closer to mine. I was impressed that nobody thought about it. Yeap, definitely since I was the only one who can draw like a 6 year old. Hahahaha

Anyway, I was happy drawing on the white cup. I will get more white cups and practice on my drawing, eh?

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Washi tape monogram

There is this washi tape seller who keep on posting washi tape ideas on instagram and it keeps crawling under my skin that I need to do it then. Gahhh.

So I bought two new washi tape at Tropicana City Mall. And they are the cheapest I can find so far, at only RM5.90 each.

I had this washi tapes collection which is not that many but if I didnt use them, they keep on increasing and they will take up a lot of space to store. Hmmmm....

Anyway, since I love the idea of decorating wooden letters with washi tape so I would love to make my own.

Easiest thing to do so far. And automatically I made the symbol look much cuter. Eh? I love it! 

It defines me. Ehem. Hahahaha

I really, really can't wait to get my hands on to decorate more in the house using washi tape.

What can I washi-fy next?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

DIY Pin Cushion

Every tailor needs a pin cushion. Ehem. And I'm about to become one so of course I need one. 

I went to Typo the other day and saw a sewing kit in a mason jar with a pin cushion on it. So cute I might end up buying it. But anyway, I already had whatever basic sewing needs why do I need another one?

So I googled for DIY pin cushion and found those cute ones.

And mine not even close. Hahahaha

So not cute but as long as it serve its purpose, whatever. Hahahaha

And those lovely pins are from Typo.