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Friedrich Schiller

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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

week of love

Not feeling like typing words now.......

But I did feel very very contented today and yeah, no words can describe how lucky I feel right now despite of having to 'puasa' from shopping this year *even though already splurged myself on lingerie last week haha*  and now I'm eyeing on wristlets. Again. Arghh!!!

Ok, ok. Back to the quilling story. Did 2 cards last week. With a lot of strength and promises. Haha. I wish I could keep them. I love the cards I made last week. I love doing all lovey dovey thingy. I always feel like I'm a cupid or something that bring joy and happy faces to the couples when they get the cards I made for them. Its heavenly feeling :D

How I wish I could make one for Mr. ZF.... oh yeahh I did.

I made this for him:

Purple tulip in a mini pot :D

The orange card was requested by a friend, who excitedly called me because she was very excited to order for her boyfriend. And I did the design for her, that suits her needs - she wanted her name and the boyfriend on the card, so this is the result :

The other card was requested since early March, and we discussed about the design, since the friend wanted the back of the card similar to the maze card, but I thought it would not fit into the heart shape card so I changed the design using printed paper :D

I think I should be going to bed by now.

Bye bye.

Night night.

And how I wish, I have more hands and more brains on making more cards. Arghhh!!

p/s: I am truly sorry my hands are tight with maximum 2 cards per week!! Arghh!! So not efficient to say the least. Haha

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