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Friedrich Schiller

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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Goldie locks

When someone requested a flowery design, yes it did kills me until its complete.

And for Nabila and Salim's wedding, their theme is garden and gold. So I was looking all over the internet for inspiration.

Turned out, I really in love with one design from Namizam's crazy about leaves. Sorry I cannot link because of the phone. But you can google him and he also has facebook.

Because I really really dont have any idea on flower arrangement. Totally blank. But who doesnt love flowers, right?

So I decided to use his design as inspiration. So its not originally came from my super blunt brain.

Features are same like before.

This baby did kills my back and kills my sleeping hour. And due to my short trip, I dont have ample time to deal with this baby which is time consuming.

However, the satisfaction does kill everything in between. So as at now I'm super high with the result.

Okay, okay.I'm sober now.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

The blues

Whenever I search for inspiration to design I will only got starstruck to which inspired me the most : THE BASIC.

Whatever it was, barcodes turn into posters, matchbox arts, and ohhh basic coils. Yes, again. BASIC.

I love how the circles formed into one of the greatest art. Urmm but mine, not yet laaa... But I really like everything round and circles and cute.

Then I thought I should do that for my next design. In blue. Herherheeheeeee

So there you go!

I really like the blue tone. Actually I dont really fancy blue color but this one make me want to eat 'em or kiss 'em or whatever you do when dealing with cuteness. Haha

So then I heard the couple really loves it. Ohhh nearly teared my eyes (reaaalllyyyy????).

The features of this guestbook is same like before. Because I use my phone to update my blog so its a bit hard for me to cut and paste here and there. And yes I dont remember.

Okay. Got to go. Bubbye.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flower power

Honestly, I feel so exhausted whenever I think about flowers.

Its not that I dont like 'em. I do.

I just dont have the power to arrange flowers. Even in quilling Im terribly bad at that. And thats why most of my designs dont have flower.

I really want to do one.

In fact, I did so many times. Its just looked like 5-year-old kinda artsy fartsy. Urghh.

I did put my heart thru it. Its just not delivered well.

I dont know why.

And I dont really want to put it to my mind but I just cant.

Im trying so hard and take so many time just to figure out a design with flowers. Ohh damn its hard. I did go thru all over the internet.

Flower, flower.
Leaves me in terror.

Thank you very much.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Signature style of mine

(ada hati???)

Since I started quilling I think I have been developing one kind of style.

Its a pain in the ass in the first place. Consume a lot, I mean a lot a lot a lot of patience, time and your energy. Backache is normal.

And its not something that I can be proud of.

Maybe an amateur who just fall in love in quilling and learn it in a day can do the style.

Eventhough its kinda boring but I dont know why I keep on repeating it.

Most of my handmade cards/guestbooks were full of that coils.


Its boring I know. Its normal. Nothing special. But stupidly require more time and more backache.

Something that is stupidly boring and normal is what my style is.

Which can be easily interpret my personality.



Its just me. And Im loving it!

And I want to make millions of that basic coils. Tons of 'em! Tons and tons and sleep on 'em.

Sure hell my life would be super fantastic!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm progressssssssssing, OK?


Sweetdreams peeps!

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Flowery themed guestbook

Unedited pictures.

Theme : Garden (tapi tak macam pun T_T)
Size : 28 x 30cm (hard cover, 160gsm, 63pg)

To order, email me at ismahs@yahoo.com
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Edge of glory

Glory, glory. Its public holiday and feels like its Sunday.

Preparing breakfast for the eyes.

Guestbook again.

I just love to think that eventhough if I wont be celebrating the couple on their wedding day but part of me is there to celebrate the biggest day of their life.

And doing things I love the most. Expressing feeling through this is SOMETHING.

Although sometimes its a bit tired to handle both jobs. Arghh.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Old sewing box. Dusty old needles.

Now you are in need.

A couple of wedding guestbooks are on its way. Need to rush for this since I dont have ample time coz of my short trip.

I also have to take this order since its from hubby's bestfriend.

And all the planned design already in my head. Hoping they will turn fantastic. Urghhh.

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