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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

about numbers and pots

Not so much! Haha

I received a message from one of my brother's friend requesting for remaking the maze card. But he wanted a half size A4 card which I wouldn't think the maze will fit in the card. Moreover, he requested a number 9. OK. The maze wont happen. It's so hard to make a maze with curves and he wanted it ASAP. It will take some time to deisgn and arrange the maze. And yet, I have to do it slowly and carefully. So I proposed to him to fill up the numbers with coils haha lazy me! Ehhhhh dont ever thought that filling up spaces with coils are easy. Nothing is.

He also requested the mini pot in pink with pink mat. Ok. I understand. He wanted it pink. And I really really enjoy making the mini pot. I dont know why. I love the fact that the coils I made can be turned into a beautiful mini flower pot! And I wanted to make one for Mr. ZF one day hehe :P

And ohh, while thinking about how I am going to make sure the pot is intact and was so lazy to make a transparent box, so I remembered that I have a glass jar I bought from ikea. I hope it will fit in it.. so I dont have to make the box! Hehe :D

I will bring this card to Mr. Photographer for a photoshoot on Thursday and will upload here once received the pictures :D

And here are some of the teaser :D

This not a teaser. Mini pot it is. Haha

Cant wait for the photoshoot!!!

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