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Saturday, March 5, 2011

someone S

This order was requested by the same customer who requested the MOOM deco card. This one is maybe for his friend :D

I like the color choice, which is red and black *my favorite when it comes to quilling, but red is my most favorite color!* and I did drew what I had in mind. But turned out differently. Again. Hahaha I dont know why, ohh why I just can't follow the first drawing. Maybe because again, I was free to experimenting and I had this urge to do it differently and added some other things and whatnot. Haha

Yup, I managed to finished it in a day :D

Extremely excited to see the outcome so I really, really dying to finish it today!!

Here's what I did and had to stay up at the office so late hehe

This is the first drawing.

Then I thought of adding a guitar beside the S

in the making

not complete yet


Close up


Side view

Side view

full view

Side view

Side view

I love love love love the color!!! I love the guitar even though it's not that neatly made.

I used tear drop quilled shape to fill up the outer area. This was new to me since I only use circle quilled before and its easier with tear drop shape *to get the fuller look* but because of the small size, I need more coils to fill up so it will look fuller!

Because the customer request this for a male friend so I decided to do a manly look, and since the color requested was red and black, so I choose rocker theme.

I hope his friend will love this and the special guitar :D

So, what's next for me?

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