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Thursday, March 3, 2011

arabic calligraphy - part 2

As promised, Mr. Photographer just emailed me the pictures. I love them!!!!

Here's what you are expecting :)

Love love love love all the details and the sharpness of the pictures. I forgot about which lens that he used to capture all of these. By looking at the picture, I hereby officially confessed that I NEED MY OWN CAMERA. Hahaha

Now I know why my blog counter is slow. Maybe because of the picture quality? Haha

Anyway, I just wish I had my own camera now so I could capture my KL view, word puzzle, monograms and the half finished zFi project! Grrrrrr

More pictures, HERE.


  1. ismah, this is gorgeous. I've been trying to go into islamic calligraphy for a while, tapi x sempat2. Seronok tengok yang ini! :)

  2. Hahaha thanks kak miyyah!! Ni pun ade chance nak buat sebab my sister yg request :) memang suka rasa nak belajar calligraphy nihhh aje.

  3. Is it for sale? If it is, how much would it be? :)

  4. Hi Izura, yep its for sale on order basis. If u interested, please email me at ismahs@yahoo.com