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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

official photos of my KL view :D

It's been a while since my last entry about my so-called masterpiece - the KL view project. I was looking forward for a photoshoot with the Mr. Photographer but then again, I was busy running errands. I was all forgotten about this because it is well displayed on my bedside table :D

Luckily, I did managed to bring this baby to a photoshoot we did at a parking lot in Petaling Jaya area *the same spot we did for red fm card and arabic calligraphy hehe*

So, bring it on!!!

I love the frame which I bought from ikea. Even though it did not fit well *due to the fact I was all syok sendiri potong sana sini* but it looks great isn't it?

I love love the red heart shape and it pops out! :D

It is very special even though it is not that perfect but this is my first experiment I did and the biggest and the coils were use in this project are so many as I didn't remember how many black colored papers I used to fill up this thing! Haha and I abandoned this project for months just because I was so tired of filling it up! But then I dont know how I learned this technique of filling up spaces and it just completed in a second! Haha

Anyway, I love love love this and planning on doing another view, which I haven't decided yet *and picture of Eiffel Tower is on my mind right now haha* :D

I am planning on so many projects this year but the fact that I didn't even have time for myself just yet and the big day is on the way, and I'm just not in love with my day job and ohhh the fact that I AM LAZY makes it all crystal clear that I'm kind of BUSY right? Hah.

p/s: I don't know how many times I tried to upload more photos at fb and it didn't work out. Arghhh!!!! Will let you know once uploaded. Grrrrrrr

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