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Monday, February 28, 2011

for the MOOM

My brother's friend requested a monogram letter for his mom. And at first, I feel not confident enough to do monogram letter because before this, for monogram orders, I only passed it to my partner. Hehe

But my brother said he wanted the card urgently so, he begged me to do it.

And I dont know how I'm going to do it. Because I never did this for customers, only for myself. So, I thought maybe I could try experimenting :D

It's quite interesting I guess. I drew what I had in mind on the paper to get the real picture and as reference to turn it into quilling. But it turned out differently. Hmmm..... weird?

This is the picture of what I thought I would do. Haha


cropped :)


Close up

Side view

monogram M

Side view

This is not 100% complete. Because I have to touch up on the upper left and lower right side so I will not look unfinished. Hmmmmmm.

I dont fancy the color though. Because the colors didnt give the WOW effect but to me, this is the first time I made out a quilling like this *after the zFi project, heh*

I will upload the pictures of the complete monogram MOOM once completed yaa?

I hope my experiment turn out well and hoping that the MOOM will fall in love with it too.


  1. everything is so perfect and interesting!

  2. wow! This design in green n yellow just looks gorgeous!