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Thursday, February 10, 2011

watercolor project - part 2

I think calling this project as watercolor project not as sweet as its sound. Heh. Because I use watercolor for this project one time only and maybe after finish quilling for touch up. Then again, whatever it is called, then it is just a piece of my other lame art work. Huarghhh!!

You know, when you feel the vibes in you, then you continue quilling... when something gone wrong, you stop. Then you start again, then you get tired, you stop again.. and it will go on and on and on like that until it finished. Hah.

But, this project is special. I plan to frame it and to use it as signage on my solemnization day. Which I really hope *crossing fingers* that it will turn out so well, so that my wedding pictures will be all turn out beautifully. Heh. Keep dreaming on bebehh! 

Anyway, I started to continue on this project this week because last time, the paper I used had finished and I was so lazy to go to the store to buy some of the papers and yeah... it stranded on the floor like it never existed for weeks. Haha

Ok, ok so please, please, please close your eyes if you scared you might having a nightmare after seeing my scary piece of art :P

close up

I wanted to add some space for more quilling :)

Side view

with flash on

close up

close up

Not scary enough eh? Fine. I'm relieved. Haha

So far, I think this is ok lahh. I'm no expert on this so I only did what I had in mind. And what my heart feels right :D

I will go ga-ga if this project turns out very well. I might even sleep with it. Dare me. Haha

I'm counting days when will it be completed... so I can show it to you guys. 

I can't wait! :)

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