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Friday, February 11, 2011

watercolor project - part 3

Just one quick update.

I was manually cutting strips for this projects. Yes, I mean MANUALLY. Haha.

So I did some quilling on it, so here it is. I also asked my sister's opinion on this and she suggest I use combination of white to get the wow effect.

I think the combination is ok right?

Close up

Full view

I'm trying my hardest to fill up the spaces.

And ohh, I was googling about typography today, and I came across one site on illustration tutorials about typography. And it was very inspirational. I feel like they were all talking to me.

One of the tutor said it's ok to experiment things so we can explore ourselves, to find our style. And you may even spend months, or years on a project *not one being commissioned, haha*! So its not a weird thing about me about on and off on a project coz that just the way it is!

And more, one of the tutor said, draw your own fonts rather that print out the ready made digital fonts because you can get the full ownership and greater self-reward :D

Most of the things I read in the tutorial suggest that we have to be patient in art. The most important thing is that you have to sketch every now and then to be one good artist and to find your personality coz everyone has his/her own individuality.

So, do you know what your kind of style?

Me? I will find mine someday :)

I'm still in the stage of discovering hehe

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