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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the friend of art

The other day, I went to Art Friend at The Garden, Mid Valley. I went there because I was looking for something, instead, I bought a piece of tracing paper. Haha

I was being so obsessed about the whole art thing and whatnot, and was able to find the art store, and to walk out with empty handed just not like what I had expected. Hmmphhh.

When I reached home, I put the tracing paper on the desk trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it. And fortunately, yesterday... I discovered something :D

I am so excited to blog about this but I have to have prove! Hahaha

So, I am currently thinking about this new project despite of my 2 pending projects *haha, like always*. And this project is so special, that I asked my sister to pay for it. Hahaha. I wanted to do more projects but, my walls are pretty occupied with my own projects so, I had to use hers and ask for money :P

Anyway, wish me luck on this and will be posting out soonest about this!

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