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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was searching for ideas for my next project *even though I still have 2 unfinished projects on the way* then luckily I stumbled across THIS. And I stunned.

THAT WAS MY KIND OF IDEAS LAST NIGHT before I went to bed that the ideas came out of nowhere while I was in the toilet for toothbrushing and washing up.

I was thinking that maybe I could start a new business for wall decorations, I kinda like the ideas and whatnot. And yes, I like typography. I like it a lot. I love it!

I have to admit, I have limitations. Some artists do *calling myself an artist is just wayyy too funny, hehe*. I'm not as talented as others might think. I only do what I wanted to do, and even if I'm pushing myself towards the limitations, I'm kind of like doing what I NEVER FEEL MY HEART WAS AT IT.

Flowery is not my type of thing. That's my limitations. But I can do all sort of cute flowers :D

I'm into modern designs. I'm more to minimalist. I like simple, not complicated designs. I also love retros :)

That's why I'm into typography. I know I can't be as good as Yulia but I have my own personal style.

Wish me luck on this!

I'm planning to make the simplest but meaningful wall decorations.

Yup, if all of this going to happen, I will let you know!

Till then, bye2! :D

p/s : I am so going to make this work! Pray for me :)

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