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Sunday, February 27, 2011

his 27th birthday

One of my colleagues had requested few weeks back for a birthday card she wanted to give her friend, which is a guy. And I asked her what his favorite, taste and preference, colors etc. And in shocked, I replied :


I dont mean to question what others feel toward some color preferences but, its weird isn't it for a 27-year-old guy? Blue is acceptable. Hahaha but pink is otherwise indeed. But as for me, even it is weird as it sounds, I dont even mind whether he likes pink or yellow or blue or even purple. Everybody has different kind of taste :D

And, I had this artist's block *same like what writers always had, writers block, haha* for couple of weeks due to work pressure *really ehh?? blame on the budget!!* so I only had this on my mind:

Side view

Side view

On your 27th Birthday

Close up

Side view


I made it simple because she didnt want flowers, or heart shapes, or animals. I did discussed about the design with her and I can only deliver this. Hmmmphhh.

While working on it, I found it less attractive, but it turned out well I guess :D

I hope she and her friend will love it too!!

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