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Friedrich Schiller

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Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Monday, February 28, 2011

for the MOOM

My brother's friend requested a monogram letter for his mom. And at first, I feel not confident enough to do monogram letter because before this, for monogram orders, I only passed it to my partner. Hehe

But my brother said he wanted the card urgently so, he begged me to do it.

And I dont know how I'm going to do it. Because I never did this for customers, only for myself. So, I thought maybe I could try experimenting :D

It's quite interesting I guess. I drew what I had in mind on the paper to get the real picture and as reference to turn it into quilling. But it turned out differently. Hmmm..... weird?

This is the picture of what I thought I would do. Haha


cropped :)


Close up

Side view

monogram M

Side view

This is not 100% complete. Because I have to touch up on the upper left and lower right side so I will not look unfinished. Hmmmmmm.

I dont fancy the color though. Because the colors didnt give the WOW effect but to me, this is the first time I made out a quilling like this *after the zFi project, heh*

I will upload the pictures of the complete monogram MOOM once completed yaa?

I hope my experiment turn out well and hoping that the MOOM will fall in love with it too.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

his 27th birthday

One of my colleagues had requested few weeks back for a birthday card she wanted to give her friend, which is a guy. And I asked her what his favorite, taste and preference, colors etc. And in shocked, I replied :


I dont mean to question what others feel toward some color preferences but, its weird isn't it for a 27-year-old guy? Blue is acceptable. Hahaha but pink is otherwise indeed. But as for me, even it is weird as it sounds, I dont even mind whether he likes pink or yellow or blue or even purple. Everybody has different kind of taste :D

And, I had this artist's block *same like what writers always had, writers block, haha* for couple of weeks due to work pressure *really ehh?? blame on the budget!!* so I only had this on my mind:

Side view

Side view

On your 27th Birthday

Close up

Side view


I made it simple because she didnt want flowers, or heart shapes, or animals. I did discussed about the design with her and I can only deliver this. Hmmmphhh.

While working on it, I found it less attractive, but it turned out well I guess :D

I hope she and her friend will love it too!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

into the photograph

Today, I brought along my arabic calligraphy project and red fm card for a photoshoot :D


We *me and Mr. Photographer* wanted to go for a lunch at PJ and we did the photoshoot at the parking lot. Hehe

So watch out for the photos soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i LOVE.....red fm & Taylor Swift ???

I received a message today from my sister asking me to make her a 1 sided card. And it's for the red.fm.. coz she's into this Taylor Swift contest that is still on at red.fm.

So, I thought I could finish it by today coz I was so excited to make a deco card, for red.fm.. I mean, RED.FM *crossing fingers on wishing red.fm to call me for an interview or give me a print ads project or whatever, please dream on, haha*

I'm much of a dreamer that I dream I could be some one like Yulia, the Malaysian version and whatnot, and into commercials and print ads. Then I could be like WHOA, I CAN'T BELIEVE MYSELF TOO. Hehehe. Just a thought.

Anyway, this is the card I meant to make for my sister.

Side view.

Close up.

Taken the picture from different angles.

Side view

with flash on.

without flash

All the alphabets are 3D. You can see the shadows from behind right? I like this type of paper art, and yeah, it didnt take a lot of time to make this card.

I was thrilled to see the outcome so I pushed myself to try to finish it by today. And there you are. I'm satisfied with this, coz I love the combination of red, black and white. They are just gorgeous. They are just perfect. I love it!!

It's the perfect combination.

How I wish I could do more of using those colors :D


Friday, February 18, 2011

arabic calligraphy project

I was all excited doing this for the past few days to see the end result and to see it on paper coz I can't wait to see what I had imagined in my head.

Fortunately, I think it turned out great, despite of whatever it was in the first place.

I was googling for arabic calligraphy and found this type of khatt, that can be transformed into quilling *yeah, I only can make the simple one haha*. You see, arabic calligraphy is very 'curvaceous' that I wont think twice about not doing it. But, I think Yulia has no problem doing it if she's into it :P

And yeah, this was requested by my sister, coz I asked a favor *and money* of doing a wall decoration for her room so she said why not do this. And I think it was BRILLIANT!!! It is. I never thought of doing arabic calligraphy into quilling and it works well too! But yeah, searching for the right one is one painful task.

And I used my tracing paper which I bought the other day for this project :D

I think you just can't wait to have a look at it, right?

the tracing paper that cost me 70cent!

in the making :)

I circled the area in the middle 
using my new circled ruler :P

Gold color in the middle.

Close up.

Side view.

The word 'Allah' in gold and dark brown.

Am now doing 'Muhammad'

I tried to complete it faster so I could send it for a photoshoot heheheh But before that, I have to frame it so it will look nicer :D

So, what do you think?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

new project?

I'm currently trying to finish up THE PROJECT I've mentioned before. But I can't upload the picture here coz I'm using my sister's lame lappy.

Who doesnt have bluetooth on their laptop? Huarghhh!!!


Anyway, just wait for it :D

Update, update!!! Just uploaded the picture on facebook hahaha

So, here it is :::: 

The full view will be revealed soon :D 

How I wish I could show you guys.. oh I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the friend of art

The other day, I went to Art Friend at The Garden, Mid Valley. I went there because I was looking for something, instead, I bought a piece of tracing paper. Haha

I was being so obsessed about the whole art thing and whatnot, and was able to find the art store, and to walk out with empty handed just not like what I had expected. Hmmphhh.

When I reached home, I put the tracing paper on the desk trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it. And fortunately, yesterday... I discovered something :D

I am so excited to blog about this but I have to have prove! Hahaha

So, I am currently thinking about this new project despite of my 2 pending projects *haha, like always*. And this project is so special, that I asked my sister to pay for it. Hahaha. I wanted to do more projects but, my walls are pretty occupied with my own projects so, I had to use hers and ask for money :P

Anyway, wish me luck on this and will be posting out soonest about this!

Friday, February 11, 2011

watercolor project - part 3

Just one quick update.

I was manually cutting strips for this projects. Yes, I mean MANUALLY. Haha.

So I did some quilling on it, so here it is. I also asked my sister's opinion on this and she suggest I use combination of white to get the wow effect.

I think the combination is ok right?

Close up

Full view

I'm trying my hardest to fill up the spaces.

And ohh, I was googling about typography today, and I came across one site on illustration tutorials about typography. And it was very inspirational. I feel like they were all talking to me.

One of the tutor said it's ok to experiment things so we can explore ourselves, to find our style. And you may even spend months, or years on a project *not one being commissioned, haha*! So its not a weird thing about me about on and off on a project coz that just the way it is!

And more, one of the tutor said, draw your own fonts rather that print out the ready made digital fonts because you can get the full ownership and greater self-reward :D

Most of the things I read in the tutorial suggest that we have to be patient in art. The most important thing is that you have to sketch every now and then to be one good artist and to find your personality coz everyone has his/her own individuality.

So, do you know what your kind of style?

Me? I will find mine someday :)

I'm still in the stage of discovering hehe

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was searching for ideas for my next project *even though I still have 2 unfinished projects on the way* then luckily I stumbled across THIS. And I stunned.

THAT WAS MY KIND OF IDEAS LAST NIGHT before I went to bed that the ideas came out of nowhere while I was in the toilet for toothbrushing and washing up.

I was thinking that maybe I could start a new business for wall decorations, I kinda like the ideas and whatnot. And yes, I like typography. I like it a lot. I love it!

I have to admit, I have limitations. Some artists do *calling myself an artist is just wayyy too funny, hehe*. I'm not as talented as others might think. I only do what I wanted to do, and even if I'm pushing myself towards the limitations, I'm kind of like doing what I NEVER FEEL MY HEART WAS AT IT.

Flowery is not my type of thing. That's my limitations. But I can do all sort of cute flowers :D

I'm into modern designs. I'm more to minimalist. I like simple, not complicated designs. I also love retros :)

That's why I'm into typography. I know I can't be as good as Yulia but I have my own personal style.

Wish me luck on this!

I'm planning to make the simplest but meaningful wall decorations.

Yup, if all of this going to happen, I will let you know!

Till then, bye2! :D

p/s : I am so going to make this work! Pray for me :)

watercolor project - part 2

I think calling this project as watercolor project not as sweet as its sound. Heh. Because I use watercolor for this project one time only and maybe after finish quilling for touch up. Then again, whatever it is called, then it is just a piece of my other lame art work. Huarghhh!!

You know, when you feel the vibes in you, then you continue quilling... when something gone wrong, you stop. Then you start again, then you get tired, you stop again.. and it will go on and on and on like that until it finished. Hah.

But, this project is special. I plan to frame it and to use it as signage on my solemnization day. Which I really hope *crossing fingers* that it will turn out so well, so that my wedding pictures will be all turn out beautifully. Heh. Keep dreaming on bebehh! 

Anyway, I started to continue on this project this week because last time, the paper I used had finished and I was so lazy to go to the store to buy some of the papers and yeah... it stranded on the floor like it never existed for weeks. Haha

Ok, ok so please, please, please close your eyes if you scared you might having a nightmare after seeing my scary piece of art :P

close up

I wanted to add some space for more quilling :)

Side view

with flash on

close up

close up

Not scary enough eh? Fine. I'm relieved. Haha

So far, I think this is ok lahh. I'm no expert on this so I only did what I had in mind. And what my heart feels right :D

I will go ga-ga if this project turns out very well. I might even sleep with it. Dare me. Haha

I'm counting days when will it be completed... so I can show it to you guys. 

I can't wait! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my version of KL view

As promised, and as lazy as always, I'm suddenly rajin to get the USB cable from my bag and yes.....to transfer the pictures of the completed KL view quilling of my version. Heh.

Anyway, I can't find a time to go to the shop to frame this art piece of mine. But I'm planning to maybe some time around this weekend because I can't wait to see it nicely framed and to be hanged on my wall :)

So enjoy the pictures yaa!!

With flash on, but I like the design of the coils. It's cute.

Close up.

Honestly, I think I need to brush up my skills.

The KL Twin Tower

The coils.

The KL Tower.

So yeahh.... I'm satisfied with the outcome. I may be planning on doing this type of quilling for other views too coz it's easy, and it's pretty cute I guess. I may even planning on opening this for orders, but this one may take a lot of time, so please bear with me ok?

You can have whatever views (buildings, houses etc) you want, just email me the picture :)