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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cikgu Zakir punya pasal

First and foremost, I would to apologize to Nabila, due to this unfinished business. I promised her to send this card by this week. But I failed due to the circumstances of 'it's about time' and the inconvenience of bilik sewa.Haha I'm not complaining. I'm not. That is facts. Haha

Anyway, I must say that she is unbelievably the nicest customer ever! *puji nihh pujii haha* All I could remember when I emailed her, with the reply, it's ok, take your time. And I did explained to her why I can't meet the deadline whatsoever, which in hope she could understand. And she did. THANK YOU NABILA :)

And I managed to finish the card last night. With help of some courage and the commitment and a gleaming light, taaa daaaa

I found that cute tie design from googling and I asked her if I could make this and she said ok :)

I love doing heart shape. This card is as big as A4 paper, and she also want a name tag attach on it, so there it is. At this point of blogging, I didnt manage to write down her personal message yet because I'M OBVIOUSLY KILLING THE TIME TO PACK TO GO BACK T_____T

Oklahh the clock is never stop ticking, I have to go now, and I hope she really really like it :D

p/s: Nabila personally asked a card with shirt and tie with a name tag since her husband is a teacher, cute!

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