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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The making of my own baju kurung

As a typical Malay girl, I wear baju kurung as office attire on my lazy days. Seems like everyday is a lazy day, its like a uniform for my daily attire.

Baju kurung is a one suit, a knee length dress paired up with a maxi skirt. Its a traditional attire for Malays.

Since the wages for tailormade baju kurung keep on increasing, I decided to take a basic sewing class to make a princess cut dress. Oh well, I dont fancy wearing dresses so I went a little crazy on my last trip to Jakarta, I bought more than enough fabric for baju kurung.

So for a beginner like me, I'm no expert in drawing a template for the baju kurung. I found myself too lazy to get the measurement correct and to draw, even though I sometimes love to draw. Funny huh?

So I let myself cheap, I bought a modern baju kurung template from the teacher of the sewing class.

I just cut a piece of fabric as my first handmade baju kurung.

Wish me luck!