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Monday, October 18, 2010

An order from a lovely colleague.

I was making a frame to a colleague, she said it's for her hubby's birthday this coming November. I was so lazy the fact that I need to do this as a favor of a partner in crime. Haishh. Moreover, the theme is FLOWERS. Which making me a little bit off since I dont know how to 'play' with flowers. And yes, I dont have the experience in flower arrangement which I think it could helps. A LOT.

I managed to finish this frame today and yes, a lot of complaining came out from my mouth about how to do this, how to do that, how to make this look good and blablablablaaaaaa. But, finally it turned out well. At least for me :D

Colorful frame border

Yup. It's like a rainbow.


More flowers.



This frame can be stand both portrait and landscape view. I thought it would be fantastic since you can have both in a frame :)

I dont know why, I'm not in love with the flowers, but the colorful rainbow-like border is totally me! I LOVE COLORS :D

Till then, lots of other arty/ crafty projects are in mind. Yet, I still havent have the time to really deal with my zfi project that has been abandoned like months ago. Being a full time worker doing this as a part time making it a lot harder when you are throwing yourself a project because at the end of the day your priority is STILL is your customer. Hahaha.

Anyway, happy Monday people :)

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