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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cheapest gift tag

When it comes to organizing medium size party that involve around 10 people, for the not so rich people like me, I wanted all things cheap. Or I dont even have to pay anything. Okay, I LIKE THAT ALOT.

I wanted a gift tag with everybody's name on it. And I wanted a gift tag that people can keep as a memoir and they can use it as decor to their workspace or whatever. Its not something uncool that you dont feel anything when you wanted to trash it. Uh-uh.

I made the gift tags from a box. So I cut it into small tags. And give them a facelift! And ohh how I love that heart shape puncher hehe the heart size is perfect for this!

And I printed some words that I wanted on the tags. So its a gathering party, yeah, LETS PARTAYY!!! Initially, I intended to use my alphabet stamps, whic unfortunately I cannot find my stamp pad. Damn. So bye bye stampies. Gahh. So I think afrer this I should go buy a stamp pad.

There there. I love it!!

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