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Friday, June 8, 2012

Halfway thank yous

Have been silent for almost 2 weeks due to overwhelming workloads. Ehem. To say the least, I have a life. A life that requires me to live with happy faces. Forcefully. Ehem.

What a face.

Blame the happy genes.

And I like to keep it that way.

Okay, the sister had asked me to make her a thank you card. At first I thought of doing a simple card with a flower on it. But it was too lame. And lazy. Being lazy is what I am, thank you very much.

But then I feel like I want to do something different but not that complicated. Yes. L.A.Z.Y.

So I'm halfway there now :)

The card supposed to be black but I like it when it turns green like a blackboard when I edited the photos.

I hope I can finish this on the weekends. So I could start on a new guestbook which due early July.

And ohh. Gotta go!
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