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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Signature style of mine

(ada hati???)

Since I started quilling I think I have been developing one kind of style.

Its a pain in the ass in the first place. Consume a lot, I mean a lot a lot a lot of patience, time and your energy. Backache is normal.

And its not something that I can be proud of.

Maybe an amateur who just fall in love in quilling and learn it in a day can do the style.

Eventhough its kinda boring but I dont know why I keep on repeating it.

Most of my handmade cards/guestbooks were full of that coils.


Its boring I know. Its normal. Nothing special. But stupidly require more time and more backache.

Something that is stupidly boring and normal is what my style is.

Which can be easily interpret my personality.



Its just me. And Im loving it!

And I want to make millions of that basic coils. Tons of 'em! Tons and tons and sleep on 'em.

Sure hell my life would be super fantastic!

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