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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flower power

Honestly, I feel so exhausted whenever I think about flowers.

Its not that I dont like 'em. I do.

I just dont have the power to arrange flowers. Even in quilling Im terribly bad at that. And thats why most of my designs dont have flower.

I really want to do one.

In fact, I did so many times. Its just looked like 5-year-old kinda artsy fartsy. Urghh.

I did put my heart thru it. Its just not delivered well.

I dont know why.

And I dont really want to put it to my mind but I just cant.

Im trying so hard and take so many time just to figure out a design with flowers. Ohh damn its hard. I did go thru all over the internet.

Flower, flower.
Leaves me in terror.

Thank you very much.
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