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Friday, April 27, 2012

The blues

Whenever I search for inspiration to design I will only got starstruck to which inspired me the most : THE BASIC.

Whatever it was, barcodes turn into posters, matchbox arts, and ohhh basic coils. Yes, again. BASIC.

I love how the circles formed into one of the greatest art. Urmm but mine, not yet laaa... But I really like everything round and circles and cute.

Then I thought I should do that for my next design. In blue. Herherheeheeeee

So there you go!

I really like the blue tone. Actually I dont really fancy blue color but this one make me want to eat 'em or kiss 'em or whatever you do when dealing with cuteness. Haha

So then I heard the couple really loves it. Ohhh nearly teared my eyes (reaaalllyyyy????).

The features of this guestbook is same like before. Because I use my phone to update my blog so its a bit hard for me to cut and paste here and there. And yes I dont remember.

Okay. Got to go. Bubbye.

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