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Monday, April 30, 2012

Goldie locks

When someone requested a flowery design, yes it did kills me until its complete.

And for Nabila and Salim's wedding, their theme is garden and gold. So I was looking all over the internet for inspiration.

Turned out, I really in love with one design from Namizam's crazy about leaves. Sorry I cannot link because of the phone. But you can google him and he also has facebook.

Because I really really dont have any idea on flower arrangement. Totally blank. But who doesnt love flowers, right?

So I decided to use his design as inspiration. So its not originally came from my super blunt brain.

Features are same like before.

This baby did kills my back and kills my sleeping hour. And due to my short trip, I dont have ample time to deal with this baby which is time consuming.

However, the satisfaction does kill everything in between. So as at now I'm super high with the result.

Okay, okay.I'm sober now.

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