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Monday, December 20, 2010

word puzzle project - part 1

I came across this idea of using a word puzzle and add some quilling on it. No, it's not the ordinary heavily quilling. It's just the simplest one.

I went to Jusco the other day accompanying my sister coz she wanted to get something for herself and ended up with nothing. Haha. But for me, I got to hold this big giant cardboard I got for myself for this project entirely. I also bought a marker pen and a pair of glue with sharper nozzle.

Once I reached home, I got so excited to start this project :D

But it's tiring to do all this work on the floor due to unorganized workstation. Hehe.

Making lines to cut the remaining.

I dotted to make straight lines.


See, the word puzzle?
Can you even see the hidden words?

I only managed to make 3 letters, I, A & H today.

Yeah, it's tiring to work on the floor. Arghhh!!! And my leg got numb from the bending over.

I got another 8 letters to work with. I want this to be in my wedding picture that's why I want to keep it simple. 

It's just a simple quilling. 

But it means a lot to me.

Will update once finished :)

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