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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the flower pots

I got an order from an old friend requesting 2 flower pots for his friend.

So I was kinda nervous at start because I did this way back before so I was forgot. I use my previous picture as reference and wallah there you go!

before assembled.

After assembled. So cute!

The real size. See how tiny it is! It's only about 2".

I also made a plactic see through boxes for those 2 tiny pots so when I wanted to handover to my friend, the pots will stay intact and in shape. I hope he will love them! And I hope his friend won't forget to water it so it will bloom beautifully :P

I enjoyed making this, because of the 3D effect. It's super cute. How I wish someone would give me this as present, but it will sounds really funny so no flower pot as gift for me eh?

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