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Sunday, December 19, 2010

amazed by the maze

I dont know why I came up with the idea of mazing up using quilling strips.

It's not something that I can be bragged about coz its just lame. But I like it! :D

I tried it on a small card with thinner strips. So it ended up like bullshit. It's like a 5-year-old quilling card *I think a 5-year-old kid quilled card is even better, haha*. Huh. I know. It's just LAME. Haha.

Let me show you...

See the maze. And the ugly love birds. Haha

And then I get the chance to build a larger maze. An order from a colleague. For his anniversary. Ohhh how sweet, isnt it? *puke*

Anyway, making a maze surely not that simple coz you have to sketch it on a paper first, then you draw the lines, and you also need to have the way to find the love (or whatever you have) in the middle.

I also had a chance of making a stick boy and a stick girl. Weeee~~~

the sketch

the stick girl

the stick boy

the love maze

my hard work pays off!

the card

I dont know what to try next.

Just wait and see....


  1. This is amazingly creative! Your works r sooo neat. Luv 'em!

  2. thank you so much!!! and thank you for your comment :D it means so much to me. hehe