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Thursday, July 12, 2012

New tools

Some may have heard that I used a paper clip as a quilling tool. And I didnt look for a real one. I did find from the blogs that sell but did not occur to me to buy one.

Until recently, I found a new technique called beehives technique created by someone I forgot her name which happen to need to use the slotted tool.

And at that very moment, I found myself THE MOTHER OF QUILLING TOOLS SUPPLY, Crafty Diva. Hohoho. Yes. She sells like everything from tools to books.

Its a bit pricey but the tools came from oversea, so I can foresee it. She even gave me a thank you card with quilled flower on it. How sweet.

Kak Aziha, thanks for the card :) I really like it!

And as for me, I was so excited I cant wait to make one of that beehives flower petals, so I started working on it. And it works!!! I even made 5 of them!

See, I know its a bit ugly. But it works! Hehehe

So now I know that slotted tool is so easy to use but cannot be used with thick paper, which I happen to love to use when quilling.

Ok then, happy quilling!

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