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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Handmade cake topper

I was so lucky the cake topper I made for the birthday cake turned up great! Praise myself for the effort. Hehe

And he loves it! He never thought I bought a cake for him and he loves the cake and the decoration too. And I feel appreciated. Heart melt.

I wanted to have my own signature and since I dont know how to bake a cake, why not I decorated it myself.

I asked the baker to give plain undecorated tall cake. Yeah, tall cake is so IN right now. Why not. And its red velvet.

There, my first bunting cake topper. If you have a longer stick, then it will be prettier.

If you interested or to discuss ideas, dont hesitate to email me or add me on facebook. I may able to do one for you if you like it!
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