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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The birthday cake

Last 2 weeks I have been searching all over the world for the most delicious red velvet cake for the birthday boy. I know one baker but she cannot make it. Poor her and poor me. Plan B.

I dont have a transport to pick up cakes or whatever and to ask the birthday boy to pick up his own cake, done that. So this year around, I dont think I should even I have to pay extra for the stupid delivery. Urghh.

For the cake, I managed to find one. And for godsaken. Kinda expensive. And I expected that. But I was running out of time. I even picked the second cheapest. Haha. And its a plain one without decoration. Because I wanted to do it myself!

There is the only chance I can decorate the cake. Yes, there is another time but I cant wait. By the time my request has been rejected due to my humble request, I kinda feel lost. I want to make the birthday special. But the photograph cake is stupidly expensive. And obviously stupid.

So I searched and browse all over the internet to find inspiration. I even googled valentine theme cake. How lame. And then I ask the birthday boy one last time, what kind of cake that he wants for his birthday. Then he said he wanted an MU theme. God.

Then I found these love pictures from google.

And ideas coming down to me. Just do bunting cake topper. Hehe. The easiest way to decorate a cake.

So I made one.

I just cant wait to see them on the cake. This is my second time of making cake topper.

I really really hope it works. I dont want to ruins someone's birthday cake.

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