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Every true genius is bound to be naive.
Friedrich Schiller

A letter from the heart.....

Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of (kufi)

I always love khat, or in english is arabic calligraphy. I truly adore people who is expert in khat. 

This is some of kufi khat I have made so far.

And this will be my last entry in 2013.

Till we meet again.

Welcome 2014 :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chalk talk

So I have a wall with chalkboard paint. So I need to have chalks to write, no?

So I have bought a box of white chalk and some colorful chalk. And of course if you love the old school feeling, white chalk is the best! The best ever. So that is why the impact of having a black chalkboard wall is so much better than the other colors.

Ok cut the crap. Now we talk about chalk pencil. I mean, CHALK PENCIL, this is super duper cool! Right?

And I dont wait a second to get this baby. So I have had ordered online which got me some christmas discount which apparently drives me nuts and bought some other stupid stuff along the way.

And the pencil got me damn excited. I thought the pencil was a real chalk stuck in a pencil. Instead, I think its like a color pencil. White color pencil. 

But I thought there was still hope, the box says its best used with their chalkboard paint. So I thought of course, all chalkboard paints are the same. So I thought. Yeahh.

So that part came out so wrong. So so so wrong. Gahhh. Its a bit expensive for a  box of 5 pieces of pencil with a sharpener, so this must work! Nahhh.

The effect is lovely, I admit. But the part where you wanted to remove it, you gotta try it!

I really really love how it goes. I really do. But the fact that its not gonna come off that easy, I didnt dare to use that on my wall. Since I have couple of chalkboard myself, why not use them for good!

I dont use them that often so, there you go. I love my arabic calligraphy. The pencil worked wonders. Its just that you really really need to do your artwork with perfection or else you will waste your time and energy just to get it off.

Anyway, I am one super satisfied customer and if they made it easier to get it off I would give this a 10. Yeapp.

Ohh I totally forgot to mention where I got this baby, yeapp my most favourite shop so far, Typo. I even went crazy while I was in Australia. I went to the shop twice. Million times online. We have them in Malaysia too. But somehow or rather I find it pricey and they dont have many choices compared to online.

Yeahh, this will do then. 

Good night.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Miniature flower pot

Its been a while I didnt touch my quilling tools. After few months, our life has back on the right track. But I still dont have te feeling to start quilling again.

Until recently, my inner guts desperately need some crafting.

I started with gift wrapping.

And then, I was at my hometown looking at some of my stuff back then, reminiscing how happy I was when the my quilling craft had been made sone people happy especially during their special day.

Then, this morning I felt like I wanted to make something. So I did this flower pot.

Ohh how I miss quilling!