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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Laziest project ever!

Havent post anything for months here. Here I am. Back to post on my latest handmade project Im currently been working on.

Im currently in the midst of relocating stuff to our new home. Yes. A home. And of course more things to think. More things to buy and search for. Most of the things I searched for are classic piece or simple or vintage. But here in Malaysia, vintage piece is the most expensive. Yeap.

So most of the simple and practical pieces we got from Ikea. Obviously.

Anyway, I've been working on doing wall art for the new home.

I have been thinking about it for months. And now Im smiling ear to ear since I found an easiest way to do it.

I have fondly admiring the rustic look when I was looking for a perfect theme for the new home. Yes we quarrel every now and then. LOL

But now hubby said whatever I do he just agreed aa long as its okay.

Okay okay back to the laziest project I've been working on. Since I call this lazy, what I need was only 2 washi tapes, 2 Lazysusan from Ikea and a scissor. You may need a design and a cutter to cut your desired design which I havent done yet. Haha.

Will post it once done.

Enjoy the pics!

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