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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

oh my topiaries?

I am so in love with my own topiaries. I love them!

And I really am miss them so much since my friend already adopted them last Friday. How I wish I had taken thousands pictures of them. Hmmphhh ohhh I am exaggerating now am I?

The flowers are handmade dyed with purple, pink and turqoise. How lovely they look together. I think it is the perfect combination :)

And to be fair with the champagne glasses, it was love at first sight. You know when you are searching for the right thing then you just saw the perfect one for that thing, ohhh you just have to buy it, right?

And I got it from ikea. I love love love ikea and who doesnt?

The topiaries are the best so far for my type of flowers I have made before since I am not the flowery type of girl. Eheeemmm. GIRL? Whatever. I mean I do love flowers but I feel so wrong when I wanted to do flowery quillings or cards.

I did plan on doing flowery theme for the guestbook. But I think my hands didnt take orders on doing flowers. I just did what I feel like myself. If not it will end up like shit. Believe me, so true.

Anyway, I hope you guys love the topiaries like I do coz now I just feel like wanted to call my friend and ask her to give 'em back. Argghhhh!!

Fuhhh sounds like I am super weirdo right now, ehh?

Ok. Gotta go.
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