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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

watercolor project

I remembered about the thing my sister told me about how plain my word puzzle project look because the background is just plain white. So this is my answer, IT IS A WORD PUZZLE, so it is what it is. Haha

Yesterday, I kept thinking how I'm going to make a plain white cardboard into one piece of colored art. Yes, the shop also sell the one with colors too. But I want COLORS on the board not a color. And my passionate brain kept going and going and finally I got the idea of using watercolor!! I even googled on how to paint using watercolor! *Like I never used one when I was in primary school.. daaa!*

I got so excited to make this work so after work I went to the stationary shop nearby to buy some watercolor jars, the biggest brush in the shop, a plain white cardboard and some colored papers. It only cost me less than 10 ringgit.

Once I reached home, I rushed over to my room and started doing the project. It really got on my nerve, so I had to let it out of the system :P

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy :)

Yeahhh see the messy strokes. Urghh!

This is art :P 
Quite impressive. Haha

Start quilling :)

See the combination of the watercolor and the quilling.
Now I'm one proud matchmaker! Haha

Side view is prettier I guess. Haha

I'm not impressive by this. I'm just being sarcastic.

This is not 100% completed and I know, I always fail to finish something. I have 2 other projects waiting in the line and now I have came up with a new project yet to be finished. Huargghhh!!!

Anyway, I guess I just have to try and, to see the end result is just satisfying eventhough it turned out not like what I had pictured it in mind. But I really appreciate every art work I made.

Someday, I will look back and said to myself, this is me, in 2010. This is me, in 2011... and so on.

And to be like what I am now is something I can call AN ACHIEVEMENT :)

(macam dictator tak? Tak pun gaya-gaya seorang politician, eh?)

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