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Thursday, November 25, 2010

KL view project - part 3

Been busy with work lately, but I slowly finishing this project if I have some time in between :P

This is the update. Glad that it turns out pretty well I guess. It takes time to fill up the spaces between the coil, so it's kind of pain in the ass to stare at so many black coils and searching for spaces, and rolling the paper strips, and cut out in different sizes due to different size of spaces. Hah. But, I'm currently satisfied with the outcome. Anyway, it's still 95% completed.

Full view, without the birds.

the spaces.

 the close up.

Adding birds to keep it lively. Heh

Yes, the names.

I just need to finish up filling those spaces between the names. Then I'm done!!! And then I'm going to send it to shop to get it framed :)

So to ditch you zFi project. I will start on that after finishing this. Urghhh!!!