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Monday, May 17, 2010

new passion

Semenjak due menjak ni *cheh baru start jumaat hari tuh kecoh gileee* aku dah gile quilling pulakkk (refer previous entry)

Entahlaa, walaupun aku dah try jahit manik, pastu felt pulak... pastu back tu papersss.... i'm more to paper kind of person.. even Raje once posted out on her facebook "paper cut is tree's last revenge" something like that laa making me nuts! I always keep thinking about it... myb bcoz i love paper so much and never thought of hurting the trees????

Oh sejak bile aku jadi eco-friendly whatsoever????

Tapi aku memang recycle tau ever since I work at JPN hahahaha pastu suke gile dapat duit sebab jual kertas heheheheh :P Duit tu buat beli barang2 pantry weee ~~~~

Anyway, tengok laaa creation aku pada hari yang bersejarah lazy monday ini *tak lazy laa buleh siap 2 kad tau*

Least I can say is, PROUD OF MY ART WORKKK!!!!!

Sape lagi yg nak puji memuji kalau bukan diri sendiri...


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