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Friedrich Schiller

A letter from the heart.....

Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Circle of LOVE

I had zero idea of doing my bestie's wedding guestbook. Yep. Artist's blocked as it may seem.


I dont really like it though it added to my red black white collection. And oh I love the font I did for the guestbook and discovered a way of doing monogram. THE CORRECT WAY. Hahahahaha

But it looks more like a modern art kind of thing. Yeah. Like that. Can be turned into signage or whatever you wanted to be.

Enough babbling.

So, how do you like it?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love me...

....and I will love you back. No sweat. But no freaks. Haha.

Pulling myself all out on this.

Should get it done by Thursday or I'll be a dead meat.

Yeahhhh, life's been busy this time around. Never get to enjoy a day like it used to be. But I got to enjoy doing stuff I like once in a while. Right?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy A

Not. Not as easy as you think. Urghhh

I just cant believe myself that I just did this A minutes ago.

At some point I just found out a new method of doing monogram. Fuhhh. I'm aching all over my body. And hands need to be real steady.

I have to finish this off by end of this week since this one is for my one of beloved bestie.

Yeahh, my schoolmates are the coolest people on earth!

Ohhh had to continue my journey of quilling now.. Or I will end up looking like somewhat the ugliest panda T__T

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wooden letter coasters

While I was digging out my stuff, I found scrabble wooden letters leftover from my wedding prep year ago. So I found good stuff from Pinterest and no harm to try some of DIYs.

What I did was assembled the wooden letters with super glue. You can do whatever size you want as long as you got enough letters. Duhh.

I glued a hard plastic to make it stable. Get them sprayed with clear spray paint to make them waterproof and more sturdy.

So there you go.

Did I ever mention I love typography?

Yep. One of them. And Im totally ready for next projects on the list.

Ahhhh canvas canvas canvas. Ahhhh.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some things, some things

Theres nothing much to say except of drowning in exhaustion. Whatever.

I happened to scored couple of flight tickets in March. Nice one. But obviously its from AirAsia. Huhu.

Been busy too planning our holiday in mid January next year. So.. I was hoping to get back on my happy feet after all those travelling.

But that will be another months or so. And I have to bear with all this. Bearing this burden is like killing myself. Urghhh.

Anyway managed to complete this after some things, some things.

Congratulation to the couple :)

This whole wedding stuff reminded me on my wedding. Auwwwww sho shweeeettttt.

After your weddings end you can even frame it.

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