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Every true genius is bound to be naive.
Friedrich Schiller

A letter from the heart.....

Love all of you who are still supporting me, thanks a million.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

to date

I just got back from work and the post office to send out 2 cards, one for the customer herself, the other one directly to the recipient himself.

And today, wanted to show you a card I made last week, and the other just finished yesterday. Haha

One small sweet card requested by one of my customer, for Mother's Day. She messaged me on facebook since early March if I'm not mistaken. She asked me to make a remake of one of my previous card. And yeahh it was so hard to copy the same design I made months ago. I hope she will like it even if it's not alike. Haha

Ok, the other card is for their 3rd anniversary. She at first requested pink and purple for the color then change for red and white *I asked her permission to add black into the theme :P* with the same design I previously made on a size of A4 card.

Hope both of them will love the cards I made for them. God bless you!! :D

p/s: I am so naive that a friend has said this to my face, "Dont trust anyone after this!" Hahahaha

Monday, March 28, 2011

A card for the fiance

I was forgotten about this card which I have to post out tomorrow. And the fact that I was seriously busy with "it's about time" effect, I forgot to bring this baby to Mr. Photographer for a photoshoot.

Anyway, my handphone camera could do some justice here :P

I was a bit lost. I was so damn busy so I dont even have time to think about the design and ended up with this. TOTALLY. I just think of this : HE IS THE KING OF HER HEART. And ended up with a cute crown. Hahaha

In real, this card is lovely, but I just can't feel it. Thank God, its photogenic, it is well pictured right?

This is a half A4 size decoration card :)

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

week of love

Not feeling like typing words now.......

But I did feel very very contented today and yeah, no words can describe how lucky I feel right now despite of having to 'puasa' from shopping this year *even though already splurged myself on lingerie last week haha*  and now I'm eyeing on wristlets. Again. Arghh!!!

Ok, ok. Back to the quilling story. Did 2 cards last week. With a lot of strength and promises. Haha. I wish I could keep them. I love the cards I made last week. I love doing all lovey dovey thingy. I always feel like I'm a cupid or something that bring joy and happy faces to the couples when they get the cards I made for them. Its heavenly feeling :D

How I wish I could make one for Mr. ZF.... oh yeahh I did.

I made this for him:

Purple tulip in a mini pot :D

The orange card was requested by a friend, who excitedly called me because she was very excited to order for her boyfriend. And I did the design for her, that suits her needs - she wanted her name and the boyfriend on the card, so this is the result :

The other card was requested since early March, and we discussed about the design, since the friend wanted the back of the card similar to the maze card, but I thought it would not fit into the heart shape card so I changed the design using printed paper :D

I think I should be going to bed by now.

Bye bye.

Night night.

And how I wish, I have more hands and more brains on making more cards. Arghhh!!

p/s: I am truly sorry my hands are tight with maximum 2 cards per week!! Arghh!! So not efficient to say the least. Haha

Thursday, March 17, 2011

new flower blooms!

Remember about the pot I made that I planned on giving Mr. ZF? Yeahhh

This pot....

The pot looks lonely without flower. Haha

And due to the fact that I was all excited with the new experiment of using papers printed with words inspired by Cheryl's card, I made the petals using that type of coils with the wrong color choice.

Please agree with me that it looks dull.

So dull that I ripped it off and replace with a new one.

This is nicer and look more flowery :P

And I made a mat to balance it :)

Yeap, it's only +/- 2" hehe

And, I am currently trying my best to complete 2 decoration cards before Sunday. Arghhhhh!!!!

This is what I've been doing for the whole week.

And now I feel like I need to reward something for myself but I dont know just yet. Because I already have everything I needs/wants right now *I'm learning about contentment today* :P

And ohh my birthday is coming... Ohhh I can't wait!!! :D

p/s: You can view more photos of my KL view HERE. Thankss!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

official photos of my KL view :D

It's been a while since my last entry about my so-called masterpiece - the KL view project. I was looking forward for a photoshoot with the Mr. Photographer but then again, I was busy running errands. I was all forgotten about this because it is well displayed on my bedside table :D

Luckily, I did managed to bring this baby to a photoshoot we did at a parking lot in Petaling Jaya area *the same spot we did for red fm card and arabic calligraphy hehe*

So, bring it on!!!

I love the frame which I bought from ikea. Even though it did not fit well *due to the fact I was all syok sendiri potong sana sini* but it looks great isn't it?

I love love the red heart shape and it pops out! :D

It is very special even though it is not that perfect but this is my first experiment I did and the biggest and the coils were use in this project are so many as I didn't remember how many black colored papers I used to fill up this thing! Haha and I abandoned this project for months just because I was so tired of filling it up! But then I dont know how I learned this technique of filling up spaces and it just completed in a second! Haha

Anyway, I love love love this and planning on doing another view, which I haven't decided yet *and picture of Eiffel Tower is on my mind right now haha* :D

I am planning on so many projects this year but the fact that I didn't even have time for myself just yet and the big day is on the way, and I'm just not in love with my day job and ohhh the fact that I AM LAZY makes it all crystal clear that I'm kind of BUSY right? Hah.

p/s: I don't know how many times I tried to upload more photos at fb and it didn't work out. Arghhh!!!! Will let you know once uploaded. Grrrrrrr

Saturday, March 12, 2011

week 10

I was all about monogram last week. And this week I managed to finish 2 orders from my friends.

Already received the pictures from Mr. Photographer.

Pictures taken somewhere in KL, nearby the LRT Wangsa Maju Station :)


This card has been requested from my older brother's friend. 
He wanted to give this to his girlfriend. They have been together for 9 years! So sweet :)

He also requested for the pink flower pot for the girlfriend. :D

This decoration card is for my high school friend. She wanted to give this to her sister.
Before this, she did requested a smaller deco card for her sister's engagement. 
Thank you Fatia!

Gotta go now!! :D

Have a nice weekend peeps!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

hectic week!

I was so busy finishing 2 cards this whole week and needed to complete them by Thursday so I could bring them for a photoshoot.

Still haven't receive the pictures yet from Mr. Photographer. Hmmmpphh

And I was dying to upload below pictures :-

My first milk carton box. Wahh so cute :P
I used a template I found in the internet.
It's for the flower pot I made 
since the flower pot cannot fit into the ikea jar :(

Since I love the flower pot so much, I'm planning on making
Mr. ZF one. But only managed to make the pot. I was so busy!

Currently working on this one.

I love this!!

This is the card I made for my friend 
for her sister's wedding :D

Sorry, will upload the pictures once 
pictures received from Mr. Photographer :D

I wanted to start on the next order this weekend. But I am exhausted right now. I also have plans for tomorrow.

Maybe I will be free on Sunday?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My monogram collection

I am seriously lazy and the internet is very very sucky lately, I hate when I wanted to upload pictures here coz I have to wait like million years!!

Ok, maybe 1 or 2 pictures are just enough.

You can view more pictures HERE :)

Monogram Syam

Monogram MOOM

I was so busy since last week I dont know what I did. I cant remember what I did. Haha. Ohhh the monograms. Urghhh. See, I was so damn tired.

The thought of a part time card maker and tired like having two jobs in a day for 2 whole weeks gives me shivers. And I have another 2 pending cards to make before end of this March. And my back aching. And I'm still on diet. And the smell of cooked rice is seriously teasing me right now. Arghhhh!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

about numbers and pots

Not so much! Haha

I received a message from one of my brother's friend requesting for remaking the maze card. But he wanted a half size A4 card which I wouldn't think the maze will fit in the card. Moreover, he requested a number 9. OK. The maze wont happen. It's so hard to make a maze with curves and he wanted it ASAP. It will take some time to deisgn and arrange the maze. And yet, I have to do it slowly and carefully. So I proposed to him to fill up the numbers with coils haha lazy me! Ehhhhh dont ever thought that filling up spaces with coils are easy. Nothing is.

He also requested the mini pot in pink with pink mat. Ok. I understand. He wanted it pink. And I really really enjoy making the mini pot. I dont know why. I love the fact that the coils I made can be turned into a beautiful mini flower pot! And I wanted to make one for Mr. ZF one day hehe :P

And ohh, while thinking about how I am going to make sure the pot is intact and was so lazy to make a transparent box, so I remembered that I have a glass jar I bought from ikea. I hope it will fit in it.. so I dont have to make the box! Hehe :D

I will bring this card to Mr. Photographer for a photoshoot on Thursday and will upload here once received the pictures :D

And here are some of the teaser :D

This not a teaser. Mini pot it is. Haha

Cant wait for the photoshoot!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

someone S

This order was requested by the same customer who requested the MOOM deco card. This one is maybe for his friend :D

I like the color choice, which is red and black *my favorite when it comes to quilling, but red is my most favorite color!* and I did drew what I had in mind. But turned out differently. Again. Hahaha I dont know why, ohh why I just can't follow the first drawing. Maybe because again, I was free to experimenting and I had this urge to do it differently and added some other things and whatnot. Haha

Yup, I managed to finished it in a day :D

Extremely excited to see the outcome so I really, really dying to finish it today!!

Here's what I did and had to stay up at the office so late hehe

This is the first drawing.

Then I thought of adding a guitar beside the S

in the making

not complete yet


Close up


Side view

Side view

full view

Side view

Side view

I love love love love the color!!! I love the guitar even though it's not that neatly made.

I used tear drop quilled shape to fill up the outer area. This was new to me since I only use circle quilled before and its easier with tear drop shape *to get the fuller look* but because of the small size, I need more coils to fill up so it will look fuller!

Because the customer request this for a male friend so I decided to do a manly look, and since the color requested was red and black, so I choose rocker theme.

I hope his friend will love this and the special guitar :D

So, what's next for me?