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Friday, October 29, 2010

KL view project - part 2

I was all up today coz I was so excited to finish this project. Unfortunately, I AM A FULL TIME GOVERNMENT SERVANT. So I couldn't just sit and roll all day. Haha

But I did go back late today, just to glue all the coils on the line so that easier for me to fill up the space.

I was kinda feel a bit enlighten by a colleague who asked about the KL view project when she saw that. I said to her, that this is still under consideration on opening this for orders. Coz, I think the least it would take me to finish this is maybe around more than 2 weeks if I am busy. One week top if I go back late everyday.

So this project is like an experiment, which I hope to turn out well  :)

Here's some pictures of the KL view project..

The Petronas Twin Tower

The KL Tower

The full view.

I have to roll more coils to fill up those spaces. I think I will get a back pain for days due to rolling and gluing for days. Arghh!!!

Wish me luck! :P

Thursday, October 28, 2010

KL view project

I was so lazy days ago.

And the thought of how boring my life would be without a project kinda making me exhausted and unexcited indeed.

Yup, I started a new project TODAY. Yeay!!

I was planning on doing something like THIS cos I was inspired by the city view and it looks simple yet the artsy feeling make me wanted to have one but I didnt have the material first hand.

Fortunately, found a piece of thick white paper and then the qulling begins....

I sketched the shape/ picture of KL view on a paper.

The sketch is based on this picture I found on google.

Folded the paper follow the sketch.

Then, glued the folded strip paper 
on the thick white paper as based. 

This is the KL Tower, one of the tallest building in the world.

Fill it up!

The strips.

I just can't wait how it will turn out to be. I might not be the most creative one, but I do know what I like and how do I wanted it to be.

I just remembered, that I haven't had the chance to finish up my zfi project. Pathetic.

But I promise I will, maybe not now coz my room is freaking messed up! So I need to clear out and sort things out before I started my zfi project again. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the cocktail

My friend's colleague ordered a birthday card for her daughter with a cocktail theme. Previously, I made one before and she asked if it can be remake. So, I changed the color and the cocktail accessories for this card.

Thanking an ABC (Air Batu Campur) straw I got from eating ABC during tea time, I managed to used the straw on the card for more feeling of a cocktail. ^^

The flower I used is from my partner in crime previous design, which she changed her mind not to use it, so it saved my time from rolling papers all over again! :)

the orange slice.

the flower.

The everything.

Let's cocktail!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

some of the quillings...

Someone has ordered a baby theme frame for his boss that will give birth to a baby girl due this week or next week, I'm not so sure about that. But he requested to receive the order this coming Saturday.

I helped my partner in crime doing the baby foot steps and when I rolled the strips I started to have this cute feeling.. it's a baby feeling I guess. ^^

foot with the toes on a mat

It's quite a happy feeling when you can do so many things with quilling even a baby foot step!

I guess that's how we roll in an arty world :P

Monday, October 18, 2010

An order from a lovely colleague.

I was making a frame to a colleague, she said it's for her hubby's birthday this coming November. I was so lazy the fact that I need to do this as a favor of a partner in crime. Haishh. Moreover, the theme is FLOWERS. Which making me a little bit off since I dont know how to 'play' with flowers. And yes, I dont have the experience in flower arrangement which I think it could helps. A LOT.

I managed to finish this frame today and yes, a lot of complaining came out from my mouth about how to do this, how to do that, how to make this look good and blablablablaaaaaa. But, finally it turned out well. At least for me :D

Colorful frame border

Yup. It's like a rainbow.


More flowers.



This frame can be stand both portrait and landscape view. I thought it would be fantastic since you can have both in a frame :)

I dont know why, I'm not in love with the flowers, but the colorful rainbow-like border is totally me! I LOVE COLORS :D

Till then, lots of other arty/ crafty projects are in mind. Yet, I still havent have the time to really deal with my zfi project that has been abandoned like months ago. Being a full time worker doing this as a part time making it a lot harder when you are throwing yourself a project because at the end of the day your priority is STILL is your customer. Hahaha.

Anyway, happy Monday people :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

mini bookshelf project

Wahh banyaknye kau punye project?

Whatever. Meh aku ajar. Step by step lagi. Ala2 acara tari menari gitu.

Semua ni kotak yang dah siap di-operate pastu
lekatlah balik ikut size, ketebalan & citarasa masing2.

Tengok, aku dah pun siap buat base.
Tinggal tempat letak buku pulak.

See... dah siap pun. Senang je kan?
Kalau tak nak nampak kotak sangat, before gam
tu wrap dengan colored paper mengikut citarasa.

This is the book. From a staples box.
Wrap with colored paper.

Balut. Balut.

This mini flower pot nih saje sebagai
aksesori tambahan. Heh. Cute kan?

Ok. This is it :D

Mini bookshelf with mini flower pot.

Bukan susah pun. Sori lah. Flower pot tu tak sempat nak amik gambar pulak kan?? Tibe2 dah siap. Ahahahahhaha penipu.

Memang lah orang cakap mengarut je buat bookshelf. Mengarut je buat mende2 mengarut nih. Tapi, its like something yang aku rase, zaman kanak2 dulu aku tak boleh buat, sekarang aku boleh buat, WHY NOT JUST DO IT?? And I did.

Kesimpulannye, aku nak pakse anak2 aku nanti same2 ngan aku buat benda2 macam nih. It's kinda mother-daughter-son bonding time heh poyo lah kau.

Friday, October 15, 2010

potato chip tin project

Ok. Semalam, aku sempat laahh buang mase aku sikit buat benda yang tak seberapa. Aku nak tanya korang soalan cepu emas.


Jom kite same2 tengok ape dah jadik dengan bekas tu kalau korang sayang sangat nak buang kan bekas tu. Heh. Aku pun memang sayang sebab bila orang kreatif nih, ade je benda kau nak buat tapi tak tau lepas tu nak guna buat ape. Ahahahhaha.

first thing first, buat lee bunge 
ke hape jadah yang korang suke.

Pilih laa kaler yang korang suke.

Jom same2 kite bungkus cantik2.

Pastu letak le batang bunge. Heh

Macam ni laaa jadinye.

Ni gambar full body,
nak tengok body slim ke tak.

Gambar konon pakai kamera mahal.

Care2 nak buat bunga korang pegi lah tengok video yang kawan aku pegi syok sendiri record. Heh. Click SINI. Kalau rajin belajar lah buat sendiri, tak rajin, BELI JELAH DARI BLOG AKU. Ahahahahha.

Aku harap, ape saje yang boleh di-recycle memang aku nak recycle buat mende macam nih hehehehhe :)

Waahhhhh lepas nih nak buat project ape pulak ek?

Friday, October 8, 2010

the angel and the devil

Malam tadi Izza comment kat fb uniquely.handmade cakap die die nak order card. So bukak laa email. Mula2 tu memang rase malas je kan nak accept order orang nih sebab still tak de mood lagi since Aini will be going away laahh kan? Hmmm.. lepas bukak tu, banyak lah email spam tapi ada 2 email nak order kad. Yang satu tu Izza punye, the other one was from one of Izzah's friend. Tapi macam terkejut sebab die dah email since 21st August, poor her. Kesian. I feel sorry for her tapi nak buat macam mane. Ahahhaah.

Anyway, pasal kad Izza tu, at least, from her email, aku dah boleh dapat lah ape yang die nak. Tapi memang banyak benda yang kena tanye untuk memuaskan hati customer. Tibe2 die boleh reject pulak memang aku sekeh la kepale sape2 yang aku jumpe. Cis. Mula2 die nak corak abstract and then die tukar pulak theme angel and devil. Wahh memang excited aku terus google kot gambar angel and devil. Lupe lah pulak nak tangkap gambar sketches yang aku buat untuk kad nih. 

Memang hepi lah! Sebab ni first time buat angel and devil. Aini pun tolong sekali. Seronok tengok kad yang dah siap. Macam tak percaya. Rasa macam skill makin hebat je. Makin kreatif. Makin boleh pikir macam2 nak buat dekat kad tu. Contoh lah, frame mousie yang aku buat hari tu pun macam ntah lah. I'm proud with myself right now. Aku geram jugak kenapa tak de orang nak buat kad macam tu bagi kat aku. Confirm aku suka. Takkan Paeng nak order kat aku semata2 nak bagi kat aku balik. Aik, WTH??

Hahahah. tak kisahlah. Saje nak tunjuk some snapshot yang menggambarkan kecantikan angel and devil handmade by Ismah & Aini.

Saya sangat berbesar hati dengan outcome ini. Tunjuk dekat Apis, die pulak nak. Dah lah nak murah. Cinabeng punye orang. Cheh. Ntahlaa. Memang aku dengan Aini lain2 bidang kot. Die suka buat bunga. Aku suka buat binatang2 macam ni. Hahaha. Kalau aku nak buat bunga pun, aku suka yang cute2 and simple je. Tak payah nak lebih2. Ntah lahh agaknye aku tak berjiwa bunga sangat kot. Hahaha

Aku harap Izza suka lah dengan kad nih. Even Aini memang ade tolong sikit tapi based on my sketches jugak lah! AKU SUKAAAAAA :D

** update : aku carik balik kot sketches aku yang lawa tu. heh. JUMPA.

Cun tak? Ahahahhaha

Saturday, October 2, 2010

meet her in person.

not me.

but THIS!

Bertungkus lumus aku siapkan baju tu. Akhirnya, ni lahh hasilnya.

Senget sikit kot. Aini cakap syok sendiri. Lantak.


Asalkan aku puas sebab siap gak akhirnya. Ingat dah nak give up dah. Hahahahahhahahahahahah

1 down. 2 more to go.

Hutang project wedding card & zFi project keh keh keh